"Ulster Bank" dir. Damien Farrell. 8 x 30 sec commercials for Ulster Bank GAA season. Shot on RED.

"China"-dir.Marcus Jones, Animo. 4x1 hours filmed with George Lee on the rise of the Chinese Economy and its consequences.

"Oil"-dir.Darragh Byrne, Animo. 1x1 hour on the world's dependency on oil,it's depleting levels and the shock of reaching peak oil levels.

"Tanzfieber"-dir.Marcus Behrens,ARTE. This documentary circles around seven international dancers in their everyday life in Germany's capital city, Berlin.

"Morrison Visa 10 Years"-dir.Darragh Byrne,Parallel Films.series revisiting irish emigrants who used the visa program to enter the USA showing how their lives changed direction as a result.

"Who do you think you are?"-CBC Canada Dir. Matt Gallagher

"Waiting for Godot"-dir. David Blake Knox. One hour documnetary on the Gate Theatres Production of the Samuel Beckett play

"Croke Park Lives" dir. Adrian McCarthy, documentary following the lives and movements of the people involved in the biggest sporting day in the Irish year-the All Ireland Final


"MasterChef" 12x1 Hours for RTE, Series was the highest rating non-sport show on RTE with production values constantly commented on.

"The Apprentice"-dir.Lynda McQuaid,Shinawil productions. 2x 14 part series of this the irish version of the show. it won many awards including two for best entertainment show on irish television.

"Celebrity Bainisteoir"-dir.Ronan O'Donoghue,Animo/Kite 2x 8 part series which brought the world of celebrity and amateur sports together as eight celebrities took over the management of a football team from their own county for a unique officially endorsed tournament.

"Dragons Den"-dir.James Kenneally,Shinawil. 2x8 part series of the business entertainment show.

"Class Clowns"-dir.Paul Duane. Comedians revisit their schools, explaining the influence their class and peers had on their lives. included a multi camera performance in the school hall.

"Anonymous" dir. Damien Farrel/Sineand Murphy. hit celebrity based hidden camera show, where via some state of the art prosthetics we give celebrities a day away from their famous face, and in the process allow them to set up family, friends and fans.

"Just for Laughs"- Featured the best of world comedy from the Montreal Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs provided an Irish slant with its presenters Ed Byrne and then Neil Delamere. A mixture of interviews and stand-up.

"Most Haunted"- BBC dir. Steven Vickers


U2- various alternative videos including,"Stuck in a Moment", "Vertigo" and "Beautiful Day". Regular EPK and documentary work.

"The Foo Fighters-everywhere but home" doc. a live video that captures the band at various venues.

"Garth Brooks"-dir.Maurice Linnane. Travelling with Garth as part of his EPK and doc. crew "Tryin
to rope the world" we filmed accross US, Europe and Australia. Fly on the wall and multi camera shooting.

"The Chieftains"-dir Maurice Linnane. "water to the well",documentary retracing their musical roots, revisiting people, places and music they first met way, way back. 'Water from the Well' sees the Chieftains at their traditional best, collaborating once again but this time with their fellow traditional players.

"MTV"-over the while i have filmed single camera interviews and also been part of multi camera shoots for MTV/Vhi. Artists have included:Mariah Carey,David Bowie,Pussy Cat Girls,Whitney Houston,Westlife,David Gray,Norah Jones,Neil Young,Enrique Iglesias,The Cranberries to name a few.


"Pioneer Investements" dir. D Byrne/Colum Maguire. Filmed in Italy, Boston and Dublin showing the diversity and range of business the company are involved with.

Jameson-Various films for the distillers including The John Jameson Story and filmed in Cadiz,Spain-The Barrel Makers, a documentary about the making of the oak barrels which are still created by traditional methods.

IOM - International Organisation for Migration. Film following the work of the IOM as they reptriate families to their countries of origin.We followed a Moldovan family to their village near Chisinau.

Digicel - filmed in Haiti,Jamaica,Honduras and Trinidad for their recent film "Digicel DNA"


Regularily film for BBC Grandstand colour pieces for the run up to various major sporting fixtures.for example the Irish Rugby teams build up for the six nations.

"Afrosocilaite Diva" ARTE dir. Marcus Behrens. 1 hour drama filmed in Champaign, Illonis based on the work of Cyntia as well as the fierce and often explosive fight for independence between mother and daughter, daughter and self, daughter and spirit.

"Rugas" ZDF dir. Marcus Behrens. shot in Portugal,this Rui Horta piece was filmed as a one hour drama.


If you have any queries please feel free to contact me and I will assist you for your individual project.